Rehabilitation Today

If you are in default, you may want to consider myedaccount rehabilitation as an option. Payments and negotiations are required. Rehabilitation is a potential way to get out of default and have fees removed in the process. The new fees in a rehabilitation loan may not be added to your balance. This can differ from other post-default options.

As far as rehabilitation goes, keep in mind that the Department of Education would normally be expecting on-time payments unless you’re in a disaster area; Regular payments are required to be made but can be broken for the period in which you are affected. A disaster is generally considered to be a natural catastrophe for which the President of the United States had issued assistance. More information is available to viewing the Dear Colleague Letter GEN-10-16 regarding guidance for helping Title IV participants affected by a major disaster dated August 23rd 2010.

This court case discusses the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (as well as the state law relating to Unfair and Deceptive or Abusive Acts and Practices) ramifications when a borrower (or borrowers) are incorrectly advised by a collection agency about the number of payments in order to complete a Rehabilitation [Ellis vs. General Revenue Corporation] 274 F.R.D 53 (D. Conn 2011).